The foreman tells:

More than 15 years ago my enthusiasm for off-road vehicles and thus also for off-roading began.

Since I had my first experience at the age of 14 with a Suzuki Sj that was technically not the best anymore and fell victim to rust and I was the only one in my family and circle of friends, I had to learn the hard way how to do it Reads and drives on terrain correctly.

Of course there were some "accidents" and damage that had to be repaired. Of course, money was scarce at that age. Luckily my father and grandfather understood my passion and had enough tools for me to use them. So I had the opportunity to acquire the skills to repair my vehicle myself and constantly. 

Due to the lack of money on my part, I learned to repair almost everything that was still possible and to buy only as few parts as absolutely necessary.

When I started my apprenticeship, however, I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and learned the profession of electrical systems technician. Now that I have my own money and my fascination with off-road driving, I can't let go of it. A newer vehicle (Suzuki Vitara) was purchased because the Sj was definitely obsolete. With the purchase of the new vehicle, however, I needed even more money to rebuild it exrtemer. That's why, alongside my apprenticeship, I started working for a company as an event technician assistant and event management assistant.

I finally got my driver's license when I was 18. Now that a vehicle was needed for the road, the search began. With my low budget (the Vitara consumed almost everything I could afford) and the fact that the Vitara would never get on the road, it was sold and I decided it would not be an off-road vehicle but a cheap coupe without four-wheel drive.

However, as Walter Röhrl said, anything but four-wheel drive is an emergency solution, it didn't take long for me to find an ancient Nissan pick-up that became my second vehicle. 

However, with this pick-up came the beginning of the obsession! It has really been used for everything you can imagine and because of its size it also opened up a new world of off-roading. I started with overland travel.

Unfortunately, after only 5 years I lost this. So I decided to sell everything that was possible to buy a vehicle for daily use as well as a touring and off-road vehicle.

After a long search, I chose a Range Rover P38 with a 6-cylinder BMW in-line engine and manual gearbox. The first year with this vehicle was screwing, screwing and screwing again. 

After completion, a vehicle stood in front of me, built to explore the world.

So my journey started. I quit my job as a plant engineer and my part-time jobs and spent two years on the road. After the two years, however, money became tight again and I began my career in vehicle construction as a customer service technician for forest machines. There I was able to expand my skills as a mechanic and also refine my techniques for salvaging damaged vehicles, be it excavators, forwarders, trucks or simple off-road vehicles, since most repairs always had to be carried out in terrain that was difficult to access.

It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to pass on my knowledge about off-roading, but I also didn't want to neglect nature with its beauties, because it is full of life and secrets that I appreciated and used on my tours and assignments.

More and more people quickly gathered who were gripped by off-road fever.

This gave me the opportunity to found an association to pass on my know-how.


The team quickly found the desire and mood to continue their education in the field of off-road. After a short time, the board decided, with me as chairman, to use all my experience, including that from the organization of events.

Since then we have been offering an event service for companies in addition to the "Öamtc fürs Gelände". From team building and fun parties for customers or employees to the construction of artificial off-road tracks and demonstrations of various off-road vehicles.